The average population dreams of having children at one point or another. In this post, I will talk about how to raise happy children. If you do not have any children, but plan to in the future, read this article to the end and download the attachments.

I can not overemphasize how desperately you need to read this as a parent if you have children or underaged dependents.

I would like to believe that it is every parent’s dream to raise happy, confident, and independent children who adjust emotionally and psychologically to society in an ideal way.

Wouldn’t you want to raise happy kids who grow up into happy adults that don’t have to struggle to look for true happiness? They will not have to struggle because they would have known how to just be… happy.

Happy parents/guardians are the best things that could ever happen to a child. Research has proven that most children that exhibit behavioral problems come from dysfunctional backgrounds and are raised by unhappy and/or depressed parents/guardians.

As a mother of five, it gives me great joy to see my children happy. To see how well they are adjusting to life’s demands and fitting into society. It gives me great satisfaction that they will not have to experience anything close to what I went through.

Trust me you don’t want your child to struggle on the quest of finding happiness as an adult. It may be simple and a walkover for others, but for some, it’s a painful struggle, due to the diversity of temperaments. And the techniques offered in the article I wrote about six steps for finding true happiness may work for some and still fail for others.

I presented my work to one gentleman one day and he asked me what my motivation was. I told him my story and he was like, ‘wow, I understand what you are trying to put across, but I really can’t relate because I’ve never been unhappy. I’ve been happy all my life!”

That gentleman was probably groomed in an ideal environment that taught him how to love and appreciate himself, so his loving and appreciating life comes naturally for him.

Most of what we learn in life is picked up from our childhood environment, including the home and school environments. Most often than not, our character is built in a childhood home environment

Temperaments have a significant role to play in how one adjusts emotionally and psychologically to life situations. But so does childhood experiences and background.

how to raise happy children

It’s been proven that living with unhappy parents is worse than living with a divorced parent. A dysfunctional home produces unhappy delinquent children.

Are you a happy parent? Did you know that children who live with unhappy parents are likely to feel lonely, rejected, and isolated? See this article for six steps on how to find true happiness.

Growing up in an unhappy environment increases the chances of negativity. Naturally, your child will have a negative perception of life.

What consequences does your unhappiness have on your children?

We said earlier that children who live with unhappy parents are likely to feel lonely, rejected, and isolated. Other than that, they are likely to suffer from the following;

  • Low self-esteem and low self-worth
  • Self-loathing or self-hate
  • Insecurity issues
  • Trust issues
  • A violent nature
  • High chances of failure
  • Early risky behavior and self-harm
  • Substance abuse
  • Difficulties in adjusting emotionally and psychologically to society

The first step to finding happiness is introspection, which is also knowing yourself. Now during introspection, you should also delve into your past and face that demon. Face the ultimate cause of where and what you are right now.

Whatever you find there, protect your child or anyone that is under you from it. Closely identify the things that caused your dysfunction and your reason for unhappiness and try to protect your child from it.

As parents/guardians, it is our duty to protect children, even from ourselves.

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Children are not always biological. At one point or another, we are all custodians of some underaged, be it a sibling, a niece, nephew, cousin, or foster kid. As a custodian, you’re playing a big role in molding that child’s future.

You may not be an adult but you could be a bully. Be aware that you are destroying a life and many other lives that will be under that particular person.

how to raise happy children

Having children should not be done just for the fun of it. Yes, it is very satisfying, pleasant, and downright adorable to cradle your own baby in your arms. But that’s nothing compared to the task of grooming children into highly functional happy, confident, and responsible adults.

Get your template of affirmations that you must say to your child to build his/her self esteem here. These affirmations will breed self-love and confidence in your child which are a prerequisite to happiness.

The adorable little people we call children are the adults of tomorrow’s generation. We have enough unhappy, unsatisfied, and dysfunctional adults in society currently. We definitely don’t need more and advanced versions.

how to raise happy children

It’s hard enough having to deal with the pressures of being a teenager. The strain of having to endure unhappy parents can be extremely detrimental and tormenting. Some children just can’t cope.

Do you want happy children? Let’s start by helping you become a happy person. Subscribe.

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