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Broken, lost, rejected, healing, healed… wherever you might be in life. Wholeness Bliss has you covered with tips and guides addressing self-esteem/self-love, love/relationships, family, hers/his wellbeing, and faith.

Hey, you don’t need to have it all figured out to be happy! You can own happiness and enjoy sound peace of mind without having to mutate.

This site will not give you a happiness pill or manual, and that’s because it doesn’t exist. But, it will show you some things that can help you figure out what matters most and why.

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Adora is an unrestrained, feisty, sassy, and passionate medical student driven by the need for bare survival.

Christopher never fails in anything except one thing; love. As a wealthy medical consultant, he stops at nothing to try his last chance at it. And it’s Adora, 12 years his junior, that he wants. Natasha on the other hand will stop at nothing to get him back.

Michael has every right to have Adora, she was his first after all. But his life takes a wild turn when his parent’s secret threatens his sanity… literally!

Breathtaking drama, intrigue, and a touch of clean romance. Real-life situations, emotions, and scenarios.

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