About Wholeness Bliss

The biggest asset one possesses is the mind; thus an unhealthy mind is a liability that can cost you your whole life. Most often the mind may be damaged by past experiences, tragic loss, rejection, failure, crushed dreams, etc. These occurrences may affect one’s self-esteem, self-worth and quality of life. Therefore, Wholeness Bliss covers the aspects that are likely to affect one’s state of mind in order to promote mental health. These include love relationships, self-esteem, self-love, peace and happiness.

Family life and parenting styles have a direct impact on one’s mental health be it, child or adult. A dysfunctional home produces delinquent and disgruntled human beings. This blog also covers issues concerning, family life, parenting, and all the components of mental well-being. Because this is where it all begins.


Wholeness Bliss began as a website in April 2020, with an aim of spreading mental health awareness and sharing basic mental health information.

Mental health still remains a subject that receives discrimination and stigma in Zambia. Therefore, people are often reluctant to speak when they are facing challenges for fear of being labelled. Hence the increase in suicide cases, substance abuse, domestic violence, etc. Those that are desperate for help usually fail to access mental health services such as routine psychosocial counselling. This is due to barriers such as the availability and affordability of these services and lack of information.

Wholeness Bliss has a vision of enhancing the accessibility of mental health information and services through capacity building, linkages, referrals, advocacy and communication through concerted and consistent efforts. And in collaboration with like-minded stakeholders, it shall be the leading and influential voice and platform for affordable and easily accessible mental health information and services for adolescents and youths in Zambia and the world at large.

Wholeness Bliss as a non-governmental organisation shall pride itself on values of human rights, confidentiality, authenticity, transparency, service, equity, equality, information sharing and solidarity.