You are worthy just as you are


You are worthy just as you are. When you see it, the world will see it. When you believe it, the world will believe it.


Detrimental background; perhaps a history of abuse

Memories of pain from counts of painful rejection

A shudder of self-loath wrought from evidence of failure

Tear stains from countless episodes of heart breaks

An obliterated heart from the pain of failed relationships


A cruel world that doesn’t seem to understand you

Acceptance is a word you never got to know

Weird! They say

Can’t fit in;  always lost!

Attempting to be like everybody else just to belong


Being you hurts; you wish you were the other guy

So cool, so popular, so not weird

You become a phony just to please

Today one way, tomorrow another

Who am I?! What am I?!


The face in the mirror is alien even to you

Wishing you could close your eyes

To open and find the face you wish to see

You feel like you ride the wrong body

Wish you could step out or transform


But you are beautiful the way you are

You are worthy just as you are

You have purpose tailored for you alone

They may not see it yet

And that matters less


When you believe you’re worthy

They will see it

They will know it

And they will respect you

But it will take some time


When you love yourself

The world will see it

And they will not help but love you too

They will smile at your smile

Don’t mind those who still frown at you


Haters will ever be haters

Some haters are your loved ones

They will hurt when they see you happy

And will try to bring you down

But they will fail


Because you believe in you

You love you despite your flaws

Despite your failures, your memories

And your pain

You love you and that’s where happiness begins.

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5 thoughts on “WORTHY JUST AS YOU ARE”

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  3. This gave me a little tear. Needed this as I’ve been so low thiss week. Such beautiful words and deep meaning. Keep it up. Shall bookmark your blog xxxxx

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