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There is a saying that goes happy wife; happy life. A more accurate version would be happy spouse; happy life. I still want your woman to be happy, for your own and your children’s’ benefit. So we will look at how to make your wife happy. You can also read about how to make your man happy here. For true happiness to be attained, the 5 basic human needs as theorized by the psychologist Maslow have to be satisfied.

A woman is the cornerstone of the family and the home. Your wife literally sets the mood of the home when she wakes up each morning. Don’t believe me? Well, you can do a simple experiment.

You should observe everyone and the home atmosphere on the days that your wife wakes up very happy and the days that she wakes up very sad. Usually, when the woman of the house is in a foul mood, the younger ones in the home will cry every now and then. And you will not know peace.

Happy wife, happy home, happy children, happy life!

Now I mentioned in a previous article to say it is not anyone’s duty but your own to be happy in life. You need to find happiness deep within you to enjoy the connection with others. Find the meaning of true happiness and how to attain it here.

However, having a toxic person around you can just make your life dark. Some spouses make life unbearable even when you are a happy person.

To understand this topic better and follow through adequately, it is of high importance that you read this article on the 5 basic human needs. A brief run-through, this topic highlights the needs of human beings based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Consequences that may follow the neglect of these needs are also highlighted. You definitely want to read this article because your happiness may depend on satisfying these needs for your self and for those around you.

Alright, so the 5 basic human needs are a generic bunch of important needs required for a satisfactory life. However, how to make your wife happy will be based on a woman’s specific needs. For evidence-based ideology, we will use the Maslows skeleton as illustrated in this pyramid below.

The five basic human needs

How to make your wife happy by satisfying her 5 basic human needs

Physiological needs

If you are unable to provide the basics, what could be the reason? You have to get up and work hard at something in order for you to provide. It the natural order of life that the man should provide. Even if your wife gets better pay, that shouldn’t make you comfortable. Get your own money and pay the bills. Let her money be a huge supplement to the home for the family to prosper.

It has become a common trend these days to find the woman is the breadwinner. To some extent when there is no other way around it for survival, this scenario is ok. However, do not feel threatened or intimidated by her success as this may arouse feelings of resentment and low self-esteem on your part as a man. On the contrary, feel motivated to work harder towards your success. Don’t emotionally punish her for her success especially if she is not constantly rubbing it in your face.

If you are not yet married and you come across this article, please for your own happiness, your future wife and that of your offspring, go for someone you can afford. A woman needs her provisions and these differ in every class of women.

Satisfying her safety needs

how to make your woman happy

Be her hero

Solve her problems, or at least most of them and you don’t need superpowers for this task. Be there for her by offering her psychological and emotional support. Be the one to make her smile when she is down. Being a wife and a mother is not an easy task. Just being a woman is not easy at all. You may not understand half of what we women go through, but it’s ok, you don’t have to. We don’t even understand it ourselves sometimes. Just be supportive, loving, and empathetic.

Avoid flirting with other women

This will make your woman feel like she has to compete for your attention and this will increase her insecurity levels. Infidelity is the number one killer of relationships and trust. If you chase after every skirt, your woman may live in constant fear of being replaced. She will not feel safe at all.

Acquire the character of a real man

Try to be trustworthy, dependable, reliable, responsible, accountable, honest, and committed. The absence of all these breeches the feeling of safety. She needs to feel like she can rely on you and her future and that of the children is safe in your arms.

Satisfying her self-esteem needs

Low self-esteem distorts one’s character and overall interaction with the surroundings and loved ones. It is capable of destroying a relationship because of arising issues such as insecurity, paranoia, overprotectiveness, and anxiety. Factors that may cause low self-esteem in a woman include body image, perception of self, feelings of inadequacy as a wife and mother, among many other things.

Appreciate her

As a husband, you play a cardinal role in how your wife will perceive herself as a woman. Your response to her and treatment may boost or lower her self esteem. For your own good and that of the whole society, you might want to boost her self esteem. Overlook her short comings and appreciate all her strenghts as a woman. Appreciate the little things she does for you that make you feel special.

Make her feel beautiful

Complement her body. If she has gained a little or a lot of weight over the years, start-up an exercise and healthy eating program with her. Be supportive and patient during the weightloss program. Avoid body shaming. Upholding her self image greatly boosts her self esteem. If you make her feel beautiful and worthy as a woman, she will be freer with you in bed. And she will limitlessly give herself to you. As an added bonus, she will actually enjoy giving herself to you if she feels good about herself.

Curddle with her often

Touch her often and not only if the gesture will end in bed. Touch her for no apparent reason at all and enjoy doing it. Deliberately watch her with admiration when she is doing something in your presence. Look at her and offer limitless honest affirmations.

Avoid making comparisons

Avoid comparing her to anyone or anything. This is one of the number one killers of self-esteem in relationships. Groom your mind to accept and appreciate her.

Satisfying her love and belonging needs

how to make your woman happy

I’ve seen a couple of incidences in which a woman is married and yet is more lonely than she had felt before the marriage. Are you giving your woman a sense of love and belonging? No matter how supportive her friends and family maybe, if you are not doing this, there is no way that your wife will be happy. You need to make her feel at home in your arms and in your life.

Allow her to do her ‘thing’ as a woman

As it is a man’s natural instinct to protect and save, it is her natural instinct to nurture and groom. Let her love you in that way. She is not trying to control you or tell you what to do. She is just doing what women are manufactured to do. If she is overdoing it, there e are better ways of communicating your displeasure other than total retaliation and rebellion.

Communicate effectively

Talk to your woman. Tell her about your day, tell her your dreams, your fears, and your hopes. Let her into your innermost circle. Don’t pretend to have it all figured out when inside you are crying for a shoulder. Let her be there for you. Don’t seek solace outside the home.

Cuddle with her often in a non-sexual way

Hug and kiss her first thing in the morning. Sometimes, do it even when she says she doesn’t want to be touched. Trust me she’s just pretending. As it is in a man’s nature to hunt, it is in a woman’s nature to be hunted and pursued. As women, we never stop playing hard to get. Nine years down my marriage, I still do it once in a while hehehe. It proves to us that you still care enough to chase a little if we run a little. Never stop seeking out your woman. Touching her often will make her feel wanted, needed, cherished, and adored. Don’t neglect her emotionally.

Be helpful around the house

Help her with the chores and the kids especially if you are both working. She probably had a bad day just like you and she would die to get home, drop into a chair, her feet up on the ottoman with the remote in one hand and a beer in the other. But she can’t, life has to carry on even after a stressful day at work. Even if she is a housewife, help her out with the kid’s homework or something. Being a housewife is just as hard as working outside the home. Helping her out will prompt her to give herself to you effortlessly later when you need her the most.

Cook for her once in a while and totally nurse her with TLC when she is sick. Go out of your way to be nice when she is pregnant. Its only nine months, after all, trust me she needs you during these months more than any other time.

Spend time with her and the family

Life has a tendency of demanding all your time and energy. However, it is human nature to give attention to that which one values the most. Start to value your woman more and you will find it easy to make time for her no matter how tight your schedule is.

Make time for the children

When the kids are unhappy, the woman will be unhappy. Find a way to balance your time and attention.

Give her quality sex

In how to make your husband happy, I mentioned how sex is so important to the man- which is no big secret really. Turns out it is equally important to the woman too. Well, we may not really crave it as often as the men do, but it is equally important to us regardless of the disparity in frequency.

Don’t be that man that takes his pleasure in less than five minutes then starts to snore the moment his head hits the pillow. That is extremely irritating and disheartening. It may also be the reason why she may decline and come up with an excuse every time you ask for sex. Could also answer why she never initiates sex in the first place. You wouldn’t either if you feel used every time you are at it. Take time to know and pleasure your woman. Make sure she is satisfied before you throw in the towel. And don’t snore immediately after. Hold her close, ask her if she is satisfied, or if she needs more before you sleep.

Avoid substance abuse

It may also be the reason why you may fail to perform well in bed and other areas of your marriage. A little wine never killed anyone, but excess alcohol has killed many and those who survived it definitely killed their relationships. Substance abuse can ruin your interaction with your woman.

Satisfying her self-actualization needs

This is defined as the realization or fulfilment of one’s talents and potential which is the highest level of psychological needs. Self-actualization is achieved when one reaches full potential.

No one can achieve this for another but can offer support and a conducive environment for one to reach his/her full potential.

Every woman dreams beyond getting married and having children. Family life does not mark the end of one’s life. Let your wife pursue her dreams and aspirations. Let her excel in her studies if she wants to. Support her hobbies and passions.

You are able to enjoy this article right now because my husband was very supportive when I said honey, I’m starting a blog. He would literally spend sleepless nights with me just to offer moral support.

Talk about individual hopes and dreams with the aim of helping each other achieve them.

Why your wife needs to be happy

how to make your woman happy

Most homes are actively run by women. In the sense that the children and everyone have more contact with her than the man. Unhappiness can cause various psychological problems including anxiety and depression. Seeing that the woman has an upper hand on the home and the children, she needs to be psychologically fit. And this begins with the quality of her relationship with you.

Hope you enjoyed this article, thanks for reading.

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