four cardinal factors to consider in interpersonal relationship management


Have you ever looked back and thought how if you had done things differently, you could have avoided certain pitfalls? Well, I have and still do actually. I use those memories to learn and try to do things differently the next time around. In this post, I will be sharing 10 relationship quotes to consider in interpersonal relationship management.

Often I reflect back on a few things that I may have missed in handling my personal relationships. Below are a few tips that I wished I had contemplated upon in my early years.

10 relationship quotes

Diversity is the order of life. Imagine a world with people who think, talk, and reason or act as you do. Even you wouldn’t live in that world simply because it would luck character, excitement, with no challenges, zero growth, and ultimate stagnation.

The Alphabet is dynamic and people have accepted and embraced it. Not every letter is a vowel no matter how important vowels are.

It’s an absolute fact that others are wiser than most. If you feel you possess more knowledge or more common sense than the common man, sometimes just pretend not to know it. It will win you more friends; unless you want to be a lonely fool.

Being a ‘know-it-all’ restricts your ability to learn from others. It also creates a barrier between you and your peers thus jeopardizing healthy interaction. It’s most likely that as a ‘know-it-all’ you have few or no friends at all. If at all by some fortunate means you happen to have a huge following, it’s likely that none of those people are authentic. Probably you have something they want.

10 relationship quotes

You may be super smart naturally, but believe it or not, experience is the best teacher. In your overall smartness, someone has gone through something that you have not gone through yet. Sometimes, just shut up and listen to others.

Don’t always make a big fuss of other people’s petty mistakes. You will be stuck in an illusion of perfection. When you make a mistake – of which you definitely will, everyone will judge you.

Allow people to be who they are as you maintain who you are. Do not live in anyone’s shadow and don’t expect others to live under yours, not even your children.

Its human nature to look at one’s wrongs more than good attributes. If someone doesn’t deliberately take time to discover your good side, lay them off; let them be. They simply don’t care about you or your happiness.

Being petty does not only hurt you but hurts everyone around you. It’s synonymous with selfishness. Whining and pining about every little thing proves that one has not achieved transcendence from using the I D to the ego. Let alone the superego.

Note that children are the actual victims of the I D. If you are an adult and you are still petty, get back to the drawing board. You might as well have a crying fit every time things don’t go your way. As ridiculous as that sound, it’s akin to pettiness.

Take home points

The paragraphs above are highlighting 10 relationship quotes to consider in interpersonal relationship management. Below is a summary.

  • Accept and appreciate that everyone is different and special in their own ways.
  • Take the time very often to listen to others even if you feel like you know a lot in life.
  • Learn to overlook other people’s small mistakes.
  • Don’t be petty
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