What it means to be positive minded


You have probably heard too much about being positive. If you love to read personal development articles as I do, you have seen all the talk about positivity and the like. But what is this all about really? Well, this article will clarify what it means to be positive minded. Positive thinking is good for your physical and mental health.

So I heard many people saying, “2021 is my year!” Awesome! That is a wonderful declaration full of positivity and exactly what it means to be positive minded.

However, how is it your year exactly? What are you doing to make it your year? What exactly will you use to grab 2021 by the reins and ride it like a pro to your prosperity? The year won’t come to you on a silver platter while you’re curled up in your comfort zone all cosy. Or wrapped up in a blanket of self-pity. You need to get up, plan your year and get out there and rule 2021.

And you can do that by having a vision for the year. This is the best time for you to plan your year. It’s never too late.

Perhaps in the past, you merely walked into your life waiting for chance and playing along with whatever happens on the way; Solving issues as they come but having little or no control over the issues that affect the major areas of your life. That has to change. Right now!

What it means to be positive-minded

In simplest terms, being positive minded means focusing on the good side of any given situation. Positive minded people are called optimistic people. While negative minds are called pessimistic.

Some personalities fall more on the pessimistic side. However, positivity or optimism is a skill that one can learn. So whether you are personality type A or B, you can learn and master the skill of positivity.

Being positive minded means you have a positive outlook on life. You must be the “half cup full” kind of person. It also means being grateful for the smallest good things in your life. Optimism and gratitude work hand in hand. If you are naturally grateful for things in your life, it will be easier for you to see the good side of everything. You can learn more about the benefits of gratitude here.

Thinking positively means;

  • Focusing on the good attributes of people
  • Seeing the good side of every situation
  • Being hopeful
  • Expecting good and favourable results
  • Self-motivating
  • Being solution based unlike dwelling on problems
  • Not entertaining negative energy
  • Not allowing any negative thing or thought to ruin your mood

One thing that helps me stay positive is being hopeful. When something bad happens, I let it slide by me quickly hoping for better yet. I try not to worry about things I have no control over focusing more on things that are within my control. This did not come naturally. I was a very negative person in the past. I had to let go of negativity and practice optimism.

So this is the point where I introduce you to the vision board. Learn how to make a vision board here.

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