The best thing ever

You are the best thing that ever happened to mankind; you know why? Because you are unique, amazing, exceptional and extraordinary. Every extraordinary thing has an extraordinary purpose that another thing cannot accomplish because of the mechanism in which it operates and the specific way in which it was made. You may not be the smart hot Diva across the street, but you are still perfect especially if you do not compare yourself to others and you don’t have a pigeonholed measure that you use to evaluate your worth.

Diversity; the order of life

Diversity is the impeccable order of life. Imagine if everyone used to look, think, or live like the particular person that you admire or your particular role model. Or imagine a world with people who think, talk, and reason or act like one particular supposedly “perfect” person. Even you wouldn’t live in that world simply because it would luck character, excitement, no challenges, zero growth, and ultimate stagnation. And believe it or not that “perfect” person has his/her own fair bag of challenges and insecurities. They’re just too good as concealing their insufficiency.


A young adult one day said to me, “why can’t I be normal like everyone else? Why do I have to be weird? I don’t fit in anywhere. How can I? I don’t even fit in the four temperaments. I can’t even understand my own self”.

At face value, we have four temperaments, each unique with a fair share of positives and negatives. Suffice it to say no temperament is perfect; superior or inferior to the other. None is better than the other. Below are the four temperaments as derived from Heart to Heart by Nancy Van Pelt:

The Sanguine; a cheerful, noisy, outgoing and impulsive extrovert with poor listening skills- talking without end and usually doesn’t think before speaking; explodes easily but rarely holds a grudge. He’s the ‘out of sight out of mind’ kind of person.

The Choleric; an opinionated, bossy, analytical and dominating extrovert that is quite insensitive to the needs of others and does not sympathize easily; he’s very argumentative and sarcastic and thinks he’s always right (and he most often is). He is a born leader who finds it easy to make decisions for himself and for others excelling in high leadership positions..

The Phlegmatic; a calm, orderly, slow, collected and deliberate introvert who is steady and dependable; rarely agitated and doesn’t talk much especially if not probed. He feels more than he reveals and his partner often finds his aloof demeanor quite irritating. He’s a ‘peace at all costs’ kind of guy.

The Melancholy; a somewhat moody introvert that fluctuates between highs and lows, at times withdrawn, depressed and irritable; and other times outgoing, friendly and extroverted. He is given to exceptional analytical thinking, very inquisitive, speaks after dissection, analysis and examination of a situation. Thrives on detail, a gifted perfectionist, very sensitive and finds it hard to express his true feelings.

Unique Variant

So how come you don’t fall into any of these four categories? Well because it has been proven that most people are a mixture of two or more of these four temperaments with one being dominant and most outstanding. Can I tell you what else is amazing? There are actually sixteen personality types. So you’re not so alien after all. If you don’t want to believe in yourself through the biblical point of view, science still proves that you’re not weird.

So why I’m I saying you are perfect being you? Because you have a purpose; your creator had you and your mission specifically in mind when creating you and you were tailor-made perfect for the very purpose that you were created for. And it is good. The devil tries to confuse and spoil everything; like how he turns us into pessimistic obstinate sourpuss beings that can’t see the good in simple things.

Extraordinary achievements call for extraordinary beings

Perfection is not in looks or material possession. Perfection is in the internal or core substance that you possess. Special obligations call for special beings. Extraordinary achievements call for extraordinary characters.

Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton were said to have displayed characteristics linked to the autism spectrum disorders such as Asperger’s syndrome. I suppose you know how great the achievements made by these two geniuses have contributed to modern mankind today. Stevie Wonder was born blind and yet he was a prodigy at the piano. He signed a record label at only 11 years old! I could tell you about so many people who were or are extraordinary and did extraordinary things. There’s no reason for you not to achieve the best due to some limitations be it internal or external.

Capitalize on your most prominent feature

I used to self-criticize for thinking too much. Mostly where the average mind ends, mine will go a million miles further; my imagination has ostrich feet with the capacity to run a million miles with a minute idea. My excessive thinking so often landed me in trouble until I learnt to use it appropriately. I write. And write. Even if no one may ever read some of my writings, I write anyway.

My most prominent feature is overthinking and I am no longer afraid of thinking the night into dawn, because I now think with purpose. I neither sit and think about how one man that I had a crash on in college told me that I have knuckles like a man hahaha; nor pine about the call boy that told me I have feet of a duck hahaha- whatever that meant because I think my feet are perfectly normal. Seriously even if I think myself to death, my knuckles and feet won’t change or feminize at all.

Your most criticized feature could be your strongest point

I have no idea what you self-criticize about but that very thing could be your strongest point. All you have to do is make the best of it. Make something positive out of your most prominent feature. Whatever you do don’t get into the habit of wallowing in self-pity.

 Discover the real you and let it shine. Don’t deny the world of your unique attributes. For God to create you that way he knew the world is in desperate need of one such as you. And the world doesn’t owe you anything so don’t expect it to like you anyway. You can’t please everyone; at times you won’t please anyone at all. Your purpose is not to please people or to be perfect to society standard. Your sole purpose is to please God. If you are right with God, get on your way, and let everything else fall behind regardless of what everyone else thinks. What matters is what your maker thinks of you.

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Nancy Van Pelt (2012) Heart to Heart; The Art of Communication. New Lifestyle.

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