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Breaking barriers and crossing borders

Throughout the world and especially in my country Zambia, mental health is the most stigmatised and discriminated subject. Most people suffer in silence for fear of being labelled or judged. But mental health affects everyone. It’s not just about psychiatry and depression, it’s how well you are able to balance your life and relationships; how you are able to cope with the daily stresses of life and maintain the balance required for you to function optimally. It’s about how you relate to yourself, others and your environment.

Wholeness Bliss is breaking barriers and crossing borders by speaking openly and without fear about issues that are likely to affect your mental health. If my story will save a life and become a survival guide for someone, then I have served my purpose well. To share your story, you can reach out to me via email. Click here to read my story.

Wholeness Bliss Zambia

Wholeness Bliss has a vision of enhancing the accessibility of mental health information and services through capacity building, linkages, referrals, advocacy and communication through concerted and consistent efforts. And in collaboration with like-minded stakeholders, it shall be the leading and influential voice and platform for affordable and easily accessible mental health information and services for adolescents and youths in Zambia and the world at large. Wholeness Bliss as a non-governmental organisation shall pride itself on values of human rights, confidentiality, authenticity, transparency, service, equity, equality, information sharing and solidarity.

What is wholeness

Wholeness involves the body, emotions, mind, soul, and relationships. It involves how you view yourself, what you do with how you view yourself, how you feel about your future, and how you feel when you take a peek into your past. The word whole in the dictionary implies a state of being unbroken. And this is what you should be, unbreakable no matter what life throws at you. This is what this site means to show you.

Wholeness here doesn’t mean perfection or implying that you have never been hurt or broken before. Wholeness on Wholeness Bliss means once broken, but now unbreakable. Once hurt but now healing and/or healed. Unbreakable because your joy still remains whole despite the challenges that surround you.

To necessitate all this, we need to look at certain aspects that encompass wholeness and these are the main issues this site will address.


Wholeness bliss

Self-love cultivates healthy self-esteem and a sense of self-worth, which are cardinal aspects of your life. This is because they influence who and what you will accept in your life. They highly influence your mental wellbeing and quality of life. Self-love ultimately influences your happiness.

Download a self-love template with 31 affirmations for you to use for 31 days. Using affirmations is a good way of boosting your self-esteem and self-love especially.


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Self-love and self-esteem are key to satisfaction in life which yields wholeness, bliss and happiness regardless of the many challenges of life. One can not experience wholeness in the absence of positive self-esteem, which is the perception you have of yourself. It involves your thoughts concerning who you are, how you look, and how your body and mind function. It’s how you feel about yourself.


Life is full of ups and downs. Unfortunately for an average human being, the downs are more than the ups which makes the idea of happiness so hard to achieve. However, you can still be happy and enjoy wholeness even if things are not always good. The secret lies in positive self-esteem, self-love gratitude, self-care and contentment.

Do you want to learn gratitude? Download a 30 days gratitude challenge template with 30 prompts to use daily to get you on your road to happiness and contentment.


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As Humans, we thrive and function better in the presence of love as it boosts self-esteem, self-worth and breeds wholeness and bliss. Love is the cornerstone of life. People who find success in love tend to enjoy wholeness and wellness, thus having higher chances of experiencing happiness in life. Love is a beautiful experience especially when you are fully aware of who and what you are loving. And you still love that person flaws and all.


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Family life is where it all begins. A toxic home environment creates adults with mental health issues such as low self-esteem, low self-worth, thus reducing the chances of wholeness and happiness in life. Happy parents/guardians are the best things that could ever happen to a child. Research has proven that most children that exhibit behavioural problems come from dysfunctional backgrounds and are raised by unhappy and/or depressed parents/guardians. It’s a good thing you are here. Wholeness Bliss got you covered from every cardinal point.