Thirteen amazing tips on how to smile at rejection


Every now and then everyone faces some form of rejection or a situation that may result in you feeling bad about yourself. While others handle bad situations well, others find it difficult to adjust. This is due to the diversity in temperaments. So I’ll be sharing with you thirteen amazing tips on how to smile at rejection and carry on with life. Rejection can cause low self-esteem and affect the worth you place on yourself.

These are tips that I have used myself. It took me great will power and self-motivation and I am happy to have taken the first step to handle rejection positively. And my first step was practising the tips I will share below.

Don’t worry, you are not the only one in need of these tips, so be sure to share them out. If faces were mirrors to our hearts or the soul, we would be exposed to intrinsic struggles and mental wars. Thank God for the easy-to-edit cover called face because you have no idea how many people suffer various forms of rejection.

Rejection can be from family, from a loved one, from society, a social platform, a job interview, etc. But it is still something bad to deal with. If you are someone who still has challenges with dealing with bad situations, today I’m sharing these amazing tips that help me smile at rejection and many other bad situations. For others, it’s as simple as a drink of water to step across a bad situation (like my husband). He’s disappointed one minute and the next he’s like, “whatever”.

And that “whatever” is exactly what it is. That annoying moment will pass for him in a minute like it just never happened. Not me, I’m an INFJ by personality; life just won’t pass without feeling something about it. Here are a few tips I thought I should share to help you step over rejection.

Amazing tips on how to smile at rejection

Be yourself

No matter how much you value approval from others, the best is to be yourself. Pretence is deceit and there’s nothing that people hate more than being deceived. Also pretending to be something you’re not is like conning or cheating someone into liking or accepting you. And it’s not you that they like, it’s the cover that you have put up that has drawn them to you, once they discover the truth, they will leave you more empty than before. Try “what you see is what you get.”

Don’t stress about what you do not have control over

For instance, you do not have control over how people feel about you or what they think about you. Neither do you have control over how they react to you. You can do a complete makeover of yourself and someone will still look for that defect in you. But you have absolute control over how you feel and react to people.

Accept things that you know will never change

I have used will and not may. “Will never change” means obviously you’re wise enough to recognize a non-redeemable situation when you see one.

Be wise enough to know when to quit

Do not force matters.

Don’t outdo yourself to please people

Pleasing everyone is technically impossible. Don’t cross your borders just to get approval.

Just know where your loyalty lies.

To be realistic, not all relationships or connections are essential to you. Know where your loyalty lies and those who matter the most to you; usually these are people that have proven that they genuinely care about you, flaws, and all.

Stay calm and tackle a bad situation one step at a time

It doesn’t help to panic and don’t go telling everyone what is going on. Not everyone has your best interests at heart. Always remember where your loyalty lies.

Don’t blame yourself when faced with rejection

Remember that we all face rejection every now and then in one way or another. Rejection is a normal part of life. Remember that people have the right to choose whether to like you, to like what you are offering or not. If it’s or not, don’t take it badly and don’t quit till you find your person or your audience. Unless otherwise.

Be content with the few that like you

Don’t go aspiring to pull crowds as Jack does. He might be a natural crowd puller and you might not be. You may end up getting disappointed frequently.

Diversional therapy

My mind has a tendency of dwelling on situations and amplifying them. So when faced with unpleasant thoughts due to a situation, I engage in something I love like writing or singing along to my favourite song. When all fails, I simply kneel down and ask for help.

Think of tomorrow

If today got messed up, sleep on it and think of how tomorrow will be a better day. Smile at the new day, leaving yesterday in the past.

Don’t feed your sorrows

Feeling sorry for yourself; walking around all day with a sulky face, crying continuously over something is feeding your sorrows. Yes, crying is good for some as a way of releasing negative energy but don’t overdo it. Telling everyone in your way about your hurts seeking pity is feeding your sorrow.

Practice how to let go

I won’t lie to you, I am still learning the art of letting go at the snap of a finger, with my husband as a mentor. And I feel I’m getting there and I am enjoying the peace of mind that comes with it.

Thank you for reading. If you have other amazing tips on how to smile at rejection or bad situations that I have not mentioned above, please share by writing in the comment box. I would love to learn from you too.

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